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BELGIUM: Launch of a consultation on platform work

The Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue has just launched an online consultation on platform work with a view to drafting legislation in 2022. One of the topics is health and safety at work.

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Right to disconnect: a new Eurofound report

In this report, Eurofound takes stock of the right to disconnect in companies, illustrating it with practical cases. Since the Covid-19 crisis, more than one in three Europeans work from home.

Abroad, Covid-19 News


HUNGARY: Covid-19 and employee protection

What rules should an employer follow regarding the processing of data on the immunisation of employees against Covid-19? The Hungarian Data Protection Authority (NAIH) published a guide on the provisions that only apply to the current epidemiological situation.

Abroad, Covid-19 News


AUSTRIA: an update on the Covid-19

By the end of May 2021, AUVA reported 11,198 cases of Covid-19, of which: 1,822 were recognised under occupational risk insurance, 986 were refused, 1,042 were closed without a final decision and 7,348 are still open.