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The SLIC speaks out on the future of OSH in the EU

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The Committee of Senior Labour Inspectors (SLIC) has just published its recommendations on the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work (OSH) 2021-2027. The recommendations concern the following issues:

  • Investments in OSH to prevent work-related illnesses and accidents, thus reducing costs for absenteeism and work-related illnesses.
  • A need to continue updating the EU OSH directives, matching the needs and demands of the new world of work.
  • Mainstreaming OSH into other sectors or areas like environment, education, and procurement.
  • New risks and new forms of work, and additional challenges to effective labour inspection.
  • Health and safety issues related to platform workers.

The Commission’s public consultation is open until 1 March. These recommendations of the SLIC complement those already published by the Coct in France, for example, as well as the opinions received by the Commission following the roadmap it had published. A new 2021-2027 strategy could be presented in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Opinion of the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee

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