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Legal notices

You are on the website www.eurogip.fr   The website “eurogip.fr” and all its components are the property of EUROGIP – Head office: 51 avenue des Gobelins 75013 Paris – Phone: (33) 1 40 56 30 40 E-mail address: eurogip@eurogip.fr Public interest grouping whose mandate is published in the “Journal Officiel” (official gazette). SIRET ID No.: 18003509900043 APE activity...
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EUROGIP carries out studies and surveys on topics related to current events, but also according to the needs of its founding members (CNAMTS/DRP, INRS) and the European Forum of the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. Two themes have been particularly discussed: The reporting requirements, recognition and compensation of occupational diseases in Europe:...
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Our network

Over the years, we have built up a strong network of contacts. This is particularly true with regard to national and European bodies connected to the field of insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases as well as prevention of occupational risks. We rely on this network to develop our activity.
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EC Certification of Machinery and PPE

Notified Bodies to the European Commission are responsible for assessing the conformity of certain products defined in the directives. There are National and European coordination structures of these bodies that are designed to harmonize the practices of bodies and to ensure the high level of safety of these products. At the French level, by authority...
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International relations coordination

EUROGIP was entrusted with a new task of coordinating the international relations of the Occupational Injuries Branch by the Occupational Risks Department (DRP) of the CNAM (National Health Insurance Fund) at the end of 2018. Within this framework, it works in partnership with the actors concerned: DRP, INRS, CARSAT. Our mission consists in particular in:...
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Communications and external relations

Since its creation, EUROGIP has been given the mission of giving information relating to accidents at work and occupational diseases in Europe to the “Occupational injury Branch” which comprises staff from CNAMTS / DRP, INRS, CARSAT (Pension and occupational health insurance Funds), CPAM (Local health insurance Funds).
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Useful links

Useful websites in the field of occupational risk insurance and prevention classified by organizations at the European level, in the Member States and outside Europe.
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Community news


A new OSH in Europe barometer

EU-OSHA has just launched the first data visualisation tool with up-to-date occupational safety and health (OSH) data in European...


European OSH Symposium “Vision Zero in the Waste Industry”, 23-24 October 2019, Hamburg (Germany)

ISSA Prevention Event

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Save the date: 12 March 2020

The next EUROGIP Discussions (“Les Débats d’EUROGIP”) will be held on 12 March 2020. They will focus on the prevention of occupational risks to which workers in the service of dependent persons in Europe are exposed.

Pre-program will be published soon.

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EUROGIP Discussions 2019 – OSH: what levers for a culture of prevention in the workplace?”, 21 March 2019, Paris (France)

The EUROGIP Discussions (“Les Débats d’EUROGIP”) on 21 March 2019 will take stock of international, national and sectoral approaches in this area. The contributors will present different actions as the support provided by occupational injury and health insurers in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Denmark, the financial incentives provided as well as the occupational health and safety management standards. Companies from different sizes and sectors of activity will share their practices in favour of a culture of prevention.

Simultaneous translation French / English will be provided

Programme and registration


REGISTER: The next EUROGIP Discussions will be held on 21 March 2019

The 2019 EUROGIP Discussions (“Les Débats d’EUROGIP”) will be held on Thursday 21 March in Paris, on the theme of “Occupational health and safety: what levers for a culture of prevention at the workplace?”.

They will permit a review of what is meant by “culture of prevention” on the international, national and sector levels, and a description of examples of systems applied by our Italian, Austrian and German neighbours, such as financial incentives, guidance for SMEs and guidelines to help companies improve occupational safety and health.

Companies of all sizes and in different sectors of activity will give a first-hand account of their practices in favour of a culture of prevention.

Programme forthcoming in early December, and registration online on www.eurogip.fr